Taypoon broke my antenna.

An extratropical cyclone broke my new antenna on October 1st. I just came back from Tokyo late night and turned on the antenna system, but no one worked at all.

Next morning,  I was so surprised when I looked up my antenna. The boom was twisted and the antenna mast was tilted.


The antenna roter was crashed


It took until end of October to repair the antenna system.

I am happy to be with radio now. :-)

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I built a new antenna

I just built a new antenna last week. Kohjinsha’s KA1-404 is the antenna.

It has been four months since I lost my old antenna. So, I am so happy coming back to the radio community.


First step: Assembling four AEUs


Second step: Assembling the boom


Third step: Mounting AEU on the boom


Fourth step: Hanging up the boom on the tower and attaching elements


Fifth step: Assembling completed


Sixth step: Pulling up the antenna to the top of the tower


Last step: Building completed


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New antenna order

I made an order of new antenna for replacement.

This is my new coming antenna.


They have big back orders of KA1 series antenna. My order was accepted to the 33rd.

What should I do until new antenna coming? Should I build my old three element tri-bander?

Just considering.

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My antenna had fallen down again

It is sad news that may antenna had fallen down again by spring storm.

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The boom tore by metal fatigue.


I must consider whether I buy a new antenna.

Additional photo. (6 May 2015)

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I have n antenna for 20, 15 and 10 meter band. It's too sad!

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LoTW completed

I sent an application to LoTW on 21th Feb. and process was completed on 25th Feb..


Now I am the No.1 Honor Roll DXer and my rank is listed in the DXCC standings.

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My DX history

I came into ham radio under the influence of Mr. Yazawa JA2AGP. He showed me his station and showed his operation on 20 meter SSB with South American station.

It was very stimulating for a scientific favorite boy. Soon, I decided to be a ham especially to be a DXer.

My first exposure to ham radio was 15 meter SSB in Shizuoka Japan (1970).

                DXCC worked vs year

It took five years to make 100 entities for high school student. After graduated a collage, I slept fifteen years because of busy job and house circumstances.

Since 1993 when I bought a house and antenna tower, my DXing progressed fantastically.

After 2000, the progress was saturated, and result improved slowly.

Finally I completed DXCC on 21 Feb. 2015.

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My DXCC histry

It took about forty five years to complete the DXCC award.

My first contact was made with KR8GA 15 m SSB on 10th Oct. 1970. Following QSOs were with W7VSO, JA3OQE/1, JA2XLM, JD1ABO, HM1FE, .......

My 100th entity was Wake Island KW6HG 20 m SSB on 22th Apr. 1974.

In 1970's I had 115 entities, the last one was with TI2DO 15 m SSB on 16th Oct. 1978.

I was far from DXing because of my job and family life after that. After long long sleeping, I came back to the  DX world with new home and antenna from 1993.

My 200th entity was PJ7(deleted) on 27th May 1994, reached to 300 entities on 21th Mar. 1997. In 23th Jul. 2011 I worked with Z8 and only KP1 was left.

As you know, I worked with K1N few days ago and that was the my goal.

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Yes! It's OK.

My QSOs are confirmed by Club Log.

Many thanks to all team members.


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I will be a No. 1 Honor Roll of the DXCC

I just made two QSOs with K1N Navassa DXpedition team today!!!

This is my last entity of DXCC award for MIX mode.

The QSOs are made by 40 m CW and 20 m SSB.

So, I will be a No. 1 Honor Roll. So excited! I can not wait the QSL card!

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I confirmed 12m DXCC


I just confirmed 101 entities on 12 m band today.

Next terget is No.1 DXCC to work with KP1. I hope to work in next two weeks.

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